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Craig Matsumoto
Phone: 808.387.1637
$300 for 1 hour Guitar & Voice performance
(Includes standby time for ceremonies).
Pre-ceremony songs, Bridal party entrance,
Bride’s processional, special music,
Recessional song, post ceremony if time
alloted.  Includes battery powered sound
system for up to 100 guests
“Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord!” ~ Ephesians 5:19
$900 PA System only 5 hrs. max. Services include
ceremony, reception, cocktail, and dinner music with
your playlist or provided music: Jazz: Latin, French
and Easy Listening Contemporary. Includes Mics, mic
stands and monitors for up to 3 piece band, more
hookups extra. (Includes setup/breakdown time). 
Please call for ala carte equipment rental pricelist.
$2,500 includes: 1 hour Ceremony music +
optional 1 hour Guitar & Voice Performance
for cocktail or dinner + DJ services with your
playlist. I will work with you on your
reception music selections for a smooth
program. Cocktail & dinner music included
with mix of Contemporary, Jazz, Latin &
Oldies for Easy Listening.  Dance music
includes: Disco - 70’s & 80’s, Funk, 90’s,
current top 40 hits and some club mix music.
Wireless mics for Groom and handheld for
officiant included.  Dance lighting included.
$20 travel fee for 1 Hour Live Music - Leeward side Northbound past Pearl City and Windward Northbound past
Makapuu Beach Park.
4.712% tax will be added to final cost.     Other charges may apply.  Please email or call for details.
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$300 Straight forward style - no “corny jokes”
& promotions, will work with you for a smooth
flowing program & announcements.  This
service can be added to any packages above.
$1800 DJ only includes Lighting, music
includes selections of your choice from Disco,
70’s, 80’s, Funk, 90’s, current top 40 hits and
some club mixes & fun group dance tunes.
$500 for 3 hour Guitar & Voice performance
$100 extra hour for wedding ceremony
cocktail hour if in same location.
$200 extra hour for wedding ceremony
cocktail hour if relocation is necessary.